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We had fun!!!

Chinese new year is coming soon,time to relax!

Lead by our toughest,tallest as well as widest guy-Leo,who is also the CEO of WinnerLifting,we had our two-days tour at WuYi QingLinWan Hot Spring resort.

Most of us joined this yearly activity,only a few colleagues absent owing to they had to stick to their posts.That's fine,we brought gifts for them.

It's not a long holiday,but surely a memorable holiday for each of us.

We played games on the lawn,we lived in the fancy hotel,we had the famous hot spring over there,we had a magnificant buffet.

The rain did not stop up from having fun!

The end of 2015 is just another whole new beginning of WinnerLifting,we look forward to be even better off in 2016!

Great Buffet

Guess who is taking the picture

Picture Together

Hot Spring Resort

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