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Ratchet Buckles

China Ratchet Buckles Suppliers

Ratchet Buckles are the one of the most important part of ratchet lashing belts.

They fuction as the adjuster of the webbing,by treading the webbing through the axel,and ratcheting it back and forth,that's how we manage to tighten the webbing,is also called Ratchet Tensioner.

The most didely-used ratchet buckle is galvanized buckles.And sometimes we can see other kinds like black electrophretic painted buckle,powder painted buckle,and some non-standard buckles.

Apart from its surface treatment,we can also tell buckles can be sorted by its inside width,they are the almost same with webbings,so we have 1'' buckle,2'' buckle,3'' buckle,etc.

Ratchet Buckle